Why Hire a Writer?

Good communication has never been more important in business. With more and more customers shopping online, as well as shopping around: not just locally, but nationally and internationally, it’s vital to get your message across and then to keep on reinforcing it. No matter what goods or services you have on offer, people need a reason to choose you, and then to keep coming back to you.

No matter how outstanding your product is, you need to tell people about it, and you need to ensure they understand why it’s the one for them. Lots of amazing innovations, even those with slick marketing plans, are let down by poorly worded press releases and product descriptions.

And that’s where I come in. You have the ideas, and I have the words. Whether you need an overhaul of the copy on your website, compelling and informative content for your customer newsletter, or a 200-word press release for your latest product launch, we can come up with something together.

Or if you’ve written something already, but think it could be improved, then I also offer editorial input on existing copy.

Contact me, and let’s see what we can do!

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