C is for Car Show

I love little car shows, even though I know from close observation of the organisers how difficult it is to run one successfully. The best car shows have a wide range of makes, models and ages of vehicles with not just cars, but bikes, trucks and sometimes even motor coaches as well. The ideal is to cater for everyone, not just one-marque-purists or more general enthusiasts, but passers-by and local residents as well. So the mix must include aspirational vehicles as well as ordinary transport of the past, near-perfect, lovingly restored models and those still used every day (and I’m aware those categories can overlap).

To attract all those vehicles requires a good selection of classes or categories for owners to slot their prized vehicles into, but a sudden influx or lack of particular models may require hasty shuffling to maintain a good mix. And then there’s always the chance that plans will be partially thwarted by the weather. Some of us are firmly of the opinion that the true spirit of the small car show is exhibited by exhibitors who drive their vehicles there no matter how muddy the field, although other purists believe that arriving with a pristine classic on a trailer provides a better spectacle for visitors.

At the end of the day, the main objective is to have fun, jog a few memories and encourage a few new enthusiasts to get involved. If the sun shines, that’s just a bonus.



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