F is for Fire Station

Back from a short break, and I’m continuing my attempt to write a weekly blog post for every letter of the alphabet.

Fareham Fire Station held anĀ open day on 7 September 2013, which I wandered over to investigate. There was a good turn-out from the public in spite of rather doom-laden weather forecasts for the day, and indeed it stayed dry the whole time I was there. As well as the opportunity to explore the fire station and its various vehicles, there were displays from other services including Police, Ambulance, Coastguard, and the Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service. Many of the activities were aimed at youngsters, but I had the chance to chat to various members of the services about their work and won two prizes on the tombola, as well as picking up some fascinating historical and secondhand books (the oldest being a Fire Service Drill Book from 1949).

I’m hoping to book speakers from the Red Cross and the Fire Safety Officers to visit my Brownies in the coming school year, and would heartily recommend people to visit their own local Fire and Rescue Crews if they happen to be holding an open day nearby.


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