J is for Jofli

Jofli (Journey of Life) Bear is the brainchild of┬áSuzi O’Neill from Sheffield. A cheery teddy with a denim peaked cap, a red and white checked neckerchief and a backpack (the important part!), he aims to be the perfect travelling companion for children of all ages.

Jofli comes with his own journal and pen inside his backpack, and the bag has a shoulder strap so his owner can keep him attached to them at all times. My Jofli gets a lot of attention from people out and about, although I’ve been rather lax at taking his photo in different locations recently.

Photos can be uploaded on the Jofli website and children can record their adventures there as well as in the journal. A great way to encourage writing across younger age groups and a great icebreaker when journeying alone too. Plus, if you’re one of those people who worries about your furry companions getting cold or dirty, there are a wide range of teddy clothes available on the website and elsewhere. I have been known to dress my Jofli in specific clothes related to our destination, especially when taking Brownies on trips.

And that, of course, is another option: the group bear. At some point I may get the Brownies a Jofli of their own, but for now they are very welcome to share mine.


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