M is for Market

Now that the hustle and bustle of the London Vet Show is over for another year, if you don’t count the various pieces I have to write or follow-up on from the event, I’m going back to my attempt to write weekly blog posts for each letter of the alphabet.

I’m now at the halfway point, and I’m blogging about markets. UK markets have had their ups and downs in my lifetime. Plenty of the old livestock markets have closed down, but town centre markets are now undergoing something of a revival in some places. As well as the ‘traditional’ market selling a wide range of goods on the different stalls — household goods, clothes, remaindered books, food, and the like — there are also regular more specialised markets whether general farmers’ markets or themed markets with stalls selling food and other goods from a particular region or country.

Then there are the indoor one-off markets: craft markets, antique fairs, book sales and the like — some with a more specialised theme within the broader remit. Any market can be an adventure in miniature with unexpected finds turning up in the most unlikely places. In its more commercial form, Ebay can be considered as a giant online marketplace, but I still love the physicality of browsing stalls and chatting to traders and fellow visitors. Fareham’s next Farmers’ Markets are onĀ 7 and 21 December 2013, and I’m hoping to track down some interesting festive foods from local suppliers.

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