P is for Porsche (and also for Ponies)

Much as I’m devoted to British car manufacturers (those few we still have, although some of the specialist marques can be very attractive if also pricey), I’ve always had a huge soft spot for Porsches. When I was at school, my favourite model was the 911, and I’d still love to afford one eventually, if not an original or replica 356, these days my Porsche of choice is the good old 924.

Some people may dismiss the cheap and cheerful variant as ‘not a real Porsche’ and its 1980s styling doesn’t appeal to everyone, but mine handles well in quite extreme weather conditions and takes hills and corners in its stride. It’s not a particularly competitive hill climb car, although braver souls than me compete 924s at Shelsley Walsh, but I’ve had a lot of fun driving mine non-competitively at both Prescott and Harewood.

Meanwhile, my interest in cars and motor sport in particular was slightly delayed due to my interest in ponies. I don’t ride these days, but I do spend time most days hanging out with equines around fields and stables. Combining the two interests isn’t always easy, but it can be very rewarding.

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